Call to Action on Climate Change


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In December 2015, 195 countries, both developing and developed, signified their support of the 2015 Paris Agreement “recognizing that climate change represents an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies and the planet and thus requires the widest possible cooperation by all countries, and their participation in an effective and appropriate international response, with a view to accelerating the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions.”  Following the very limited participation in the Kyoto Protocol and the lack of agreement in Copenhagen in 2009, where I participated in the panel of 100 experts, the Paris agreement marks the first time ever that agreement has been reached on an action plan that will help avert the most dramatic effects of climate change.

The Paris agreement sends a clear message to investors and businesses that the transition to clean energy is real and resources must shift away from polluting fossil fuels.  It will take a fair bit of work to achieve these results, but I remain committed to being a part of this and I am hopeful for the future.

For the full text of the EU Commission press release, click here.