Business Insider Nordic: The Swedish “Queen of Batteries” has the solution to Samsung’s exploding phones

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Samsung is finally recalling its Galaxy Note 7 after reports that some batteries were exploding inside the device.

The fact that roughly 70 Note 7 devices have overheated in the past few days, in the US alone, is definitely scary.  And this isn’t the first time batteries have exploded within their host phones.

An exploded Galaxy Note 7

An exploded Galaxy Note 7

But Swedish serial entrepreneur Christina Lampe-Önnerud, also known as the Queen of Batteries, has the solution.

“A safety problem such as what’s unfolding with the Samsung Galaxy 7 takes all of us back to basics.  The global battery industry must assign to safety the same priority it gives to energy density and cost when batteries are designed and manufactured.  This should include having the fire retardants be an integral part of the battery cell design, combined with simplification of the cell structure,” she tells Business Insider.

Photo: Magnus Laupa

Photo: Magnus Laupa

Lampe-Önnerud states that her startup Cadenza Innovation was founded to bring these new approaches to the market.

“Our battery product architecture and design prevent the thermal runaway that causes batteries to catch fire – while also enabling industry-leading energy density and low cost.  Our team members have spent their entire careers in the lithium-ion battery industry.  We’re hopeful that by sharing our innovation through licensing, we can contribute both to better performance and higher safety – and do that at prices that drive the new energy paradigm for electric transport and electric grid solutions.”

She has no doubts about the future of lithium-ion batteries.

“They have proven to be the best portable energy storage solution for nearly two decades, and will be for many years to come – for uses ranging from mobile phones and laptops to vehicles and the grid.”

Jill Bederoff, 16 Sep 2016