Fully loaded program when the battery queen came for a quick visit

Dalarna Science Park

Meetings between people change the world – that is a belief that Dalarna Science Park shares with Dr. Christina Lampe-Önnerud, yesterday’s guest speaker. – There is not a single idea that will solve the climate issue, we need many ideas and we need to cooperate across borders, she states.

Christina Lampe-Önnerud was born and raised in Ludvika. She is an innovator with over 80 patents, PhD in chemistry, founder of two billion-dollar companies in the US and has received numerous awards. She herself likes to describe herself as “a humble valley hill”.

Opportunity to network

During yesterday’s guest performance at Dalarna Science Park, Christina managed to participate in no less than three different events. Right after her early morning flight from New York landed at Arlanda, she was part of the breakfast seminar Dalarna Talks via link and a few hours later she was at the Dalarna Science Park to lead a lunch meeting with about a hundred women.

Christina offered anecdotes, insights and tips, but there was also an opportunity to discuss and reflect together at the tables where a large mix of roles, industries and experiences were represented.

– I saw many people entering new contact information in their mobile phone, so it will be exciting to see what new collaborations and business this can lead to, says Christina Sjöberg, communications manager at Dalarna Science Park.

The best ideas should be supported

In the afternoon, Christina Lampe-Önnerud held an open lecture in the auditorium with the title “Where do we go from here?” with a focus on energy and climate issues. Here, the audience, many on site and some online, got to take part in research findings, future predictions and the latest news in energy storage. As a scientist, Christina wants to see decisions based on data and measurable goals. At least as important is the priority. She describes it like this.

– If you have a bicycle puncture with several holes, which hole do you start with repairing? The biggest, of course.

She believes that major efforts are being made in the fight against climate change in many parts of the world, but that Europe has entered something of a “lukewarm state”.

– Report after report is produced. How many reports do we need? I think we are done with reports, we know how the climate is doing.

Christina calls for more humility, cooperation and courage, and also a new order where the people and companies who have the best ideas will be supported to develop them – so that the ideas can take off and make a difference.

She concluded by urging Dalarna Science Park to continue inviting conversations, also on difficult topics.

– We need to help each other and on that journey Dalarna Science Park can be a nice bright spot.

See the lecture “Where do we go from here?”