NYPA hosts innovative storage project that uses lithium-ion battery technology

American Public Power Association

December 4, 2020


New York State on Dec. 2 announced the unveiling of a new energy storage project that uses an innovation in lithium-ion battery technology. The project will be located at the New York Power Authority (NYPA) headquarters in White Plains, N.Y., and funded in part by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

The battery technology was developed by Cadenza Innovation to showcase energy storage’s role in enhancing demand management and grid flexibility and will help advance New York State’s climate and clean energy goals, NYPA said.

Cadenza Innovation was awarded a grant from NYSERDA to showcase a safe, low-cost Li-ion battery that would be demonstrated at NYPA’s White Plains offices.

Now in place following extensive development, testing and certification, the fully integrated, metal-enclosed and rack-mounted 250-kilowatt hour, 50-kilowatt battery storage unit will shav the Authority office’s peak electricity demand for up to five hours.

“The success of this project will demonstrate the safety and use of commercial energy storage systems that could enable more integration of renewable energy resources into the grid,” NYPA said.

The total cost of the research and development project will be approximately $3 million. NYSERDA provided $1 million in support with Cadenza contributing the majority of remainder. NYPA contributed approximately $50,000 in addition to hosting the site, performing extensive research, and sharing its development and engineering expertise.

Under the project, NYPA will investigate the effectiveness of the energy storage system at reducing the peak load typical of a commercial building. Once demonstrated, the system could be replicated at other businesses throughout New York State and beyond.

A video related to the project is available here.

The American Public Power Association this year launched a Public Power Energy Storage Tracker, which is a resource for association members that summarizes energy storage projects undertaken by members that are currently online.