Mayor Ganim and the Bridgeport Fire Department Selects Cadenza Innovation for Battery Energy Storage System Pilot Project

Safety at a whole new level for Lithium-ion battery systems

A novel packaging architecture for Lithium-ion cell technology, achieving the highest level of safety in the industry with a focus on reliability, energy density, and performance at the lowest cost.

Energy Storage Systems – Rack Products 

With industry leading safety, reliability, energy density, and cost. Available for integration into utility scale, commercial & industrial, and residential markets.

Cadenza Innovation’s proprietary Lithium-ion rack

  • Built on non-propagating thermal runaway protected cells, high energy density and competitive pricing
  • Flexible modular battery rack designed to meet various energy requirements
  • Compact design for minimum installation space indoor and outdoor
  • Real-time local and remote monitoring through the battery management system for C&I and utility applications
  • Tested & certified
  • 66 kWh rack available today

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48V System for Telecom and Utility Substations 

Cadenza Innovation is offering one of the safest and most reliable energy storage systems for power backup in hybrid, off-grid, and grid-connected telecom sites. Based on patented battery technology, this Cadenza energy storage system enables higher performance, lower maintenance, and a lower carbon footprint, all resulting in a lower total cost of ownership compared to VRLA Lead-Acid batteries.

This unit can be tied to solar, wind, or other electrical generation and can be configured for remote area use as a standalone product or in combination with another renewable energy source.


  • 100 Ah capacity
  • 19” rack mountable, 3U height
  • Direct replacement of Lead-Acid
  • Low weight
  • High safety and reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • High energy density
  • Long cycle life
  • Support for parallel connection
  • Intelligent BMS system with automatic voltage balancing
  • Optional high temperature performance configuration
  • Optional real-time local and remote monitoring
  • Tested & certified

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Lithium-ion UPS 6.8 kW

Cadenza Innovation is offering one of the safest and most reliable back-up power systems, suitable for most IT installations and business offices. With a 10-year limited warranty, this powerful uninterruptable power supply system provides power security with up to 12,000 W transients and a 6,800 W continuous power capability to your critical loads, while at the same time protecting your valuable equipment from grid power quality issues. Fast transfer times allows seamless switchover in case of grid instability.

Key Features:

  • High energy and power capability covering most IT applications and commercial needs
  • High efficiency, safety and reliability
  • Robust, flexible and scalable design
  • Dual AC input with seamless transition to backup power with an integrated high-speed transfer switch
  • Solar system compatible during black outs*
  • Realtime monitoring using My Cadenza Cloud
  • Long life Li-ion technology backed by a 10-year limited warranty
  • Protects against grid brown- and black-outs
  • Product pairs Cadenza’s industry leading safe Li-ion technology with one of the best inverters from Schneider Electric
  • Automatic Power Quality detection and adjustments
  • Surge and voltage sagging protection
  • Proprietary positive feedback control to achieve anti-islanding operation while maintaining low total harmonic distortion at the grid connection

Note:  Pending the schools and libraries universal service support program (E-rate)

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80 kWh Indoor or Outdoor Energy Storage System

  • UL1973 certified and UL9540a tested
  • Commercial & industrial, multifamily, or large residential energy storage system
  • Available in indoor and outdoor (pictured) configurations
  • Configurable to meet customer safety standards such as built-in Stat-X and deflagration vents
  • Turnkey simplified installation
  • Suitable for grid-tied, solar, wind, or other renewable generation applications
  • Cloud-enabled for remote monitoring and control of energy
  • Utility-directed demand-response revenue capability
  • Optional peak-shaving capability to avoid surplus demand charges
  • Low-maintenance, long cycle life
  • Indoor system with class-leading energy to footprint ratio
  • Outdoor system is climate-controlled and weather-sealed for increased operational temperature range and weather resiliency
  • Tested & certified
  • Both indoor and outdoor systems available today

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How this Swedish Chemist Founded Not One But Two Battery Startups


Recorded in front of a live audience at Deloitte’s Next Generation CEO event (Deloitte is also a sponsor of this podcast), Lampe-Onnerud details the rise of the global battery industry, explains why her first company wound up going to the Chinese, and lays out what needs to happen in order for the U.S. to compete in this space.

CT startup chooses Bridgeport FD for first battery that allows electricity to be saved for later use

The Connecticut Post

This is the first installation for storage battery developer Cadenza Innovations in its home state of Connecticut, where it has headquarters in Danbury under CEO Christina Lampe-Onnerud. The company designed its system so that many batteries can be linked together modularly for the power needs of any facility, from homes to large commercial structures requiring utility-scale power.

Bridgeport selects Cadenza Innovation for lithium-ion BESS pilot project

Fire Safety Journal Americas

Bridgeport, Connecticut, has announced its partnership with Cadenza Innovation by choosing its modular, high-safety, lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS) technology for a pilot project.


The New York Power Authority announced today that it received an Innovation Icon award from Cloud for Utilities for a first-of-its-kind battery storage system expected to serve as a model for commercial buildings looking for safer, lower-cost energy storage solutions. The pilot program spotlights Cadenza Innovation’s superCell lithium-ion battery technology to showcase the role that energy storage can serve in enhancing demand management and grid flexibility while helping to advance New York State’s nation-leading climate and clean energy goals.