33rd Annual International Battery Seminar presentation by Morgan Advanced Materials

Media Coverage

Richard Clark and Alysha Thomas from Cadenza Innovation’s partner company, Morgan Advanced Materials, spoke at the 33rd Annual International Battery Seminar in Fort Lauderdale about their work addressing the safety issues related to air transportation of lithium–ion batteries with effective engineered thermal management solutions.  Their presentation offered an overview of the company, Morgan Advanced Materials; the extent of the challenge; an overview of current legislation; a materials overview and details of engineered solutions.

With the growing opportunities for lithium–ion batteries in the EV and ESS markets and the need for high–energy density, low–cost and uncompromising safety, the focus of their work is now moving from mitigation of the problems associated with thermal runaway to prevention.  Clark and Thomas cited the work of the visionary team at Cadenza Innovation led by Dr. Christina Lampe–Onnerud and noted that Morgan Advanced Materials is proud to be partnering with Cadenza Innovation in developing a novel engineered housing solution incorporated within the Cadenza solution.

The full text of the presentation may be found here.