NREL’s novel ISC device proves safety of Cadenza Innovation new cell design

Media Coverage

Battery safety and innovations aimed at improving lithium battery safety from cell to systems were a focus at this year’s International Battery Seminar and Exhibit.  Dr. Ahmad Pesaran and his colleague, Chuanbo Yang, from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) presented a report about their work using multiphysics modeling tools to design safer Li–ion batteries.  One of the safety challenges facing the industry is the internal short circuit which can cause thermal runaway with catastrophic results.  NREL has developed a very thin, implantable “thermal switch” to emulate an ISC.  The device can be used to evaluate cell and module safety improvements.  Use of the NREL ISC device has demonstrated the non–cascading feature of the large prismatic cell technology developed by Cadenza Innovation for PEV and grid storage.  NREL’s modeling has shown the safety of the new cell uniquely packaged by Cadenza Innovation.

The full text of the NREL presentation may be read here.