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New battery technology tested in pursuit of state’s climate change goals


We spoke with Gil Quiniones, President and CEO of the New York Power Authority, and Alan Ettlinger, Director of Research, Technology Development and Innovation at the New York Power Authority, about a new battery project the organization is working on.

A Danbury battery startup business faces its first big test

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A Danbury startup flipped the switch on a bank of batteries in New York that could be built out over time to cap electricity prices — with Connecticut currently studying systems toward the same goal. The New York Power Authority is using a battery array from Cadenza Innovation to provide power at its White Plains headquarters for up to five hours each day. It marks the first real-world test of Cadenza batteries to feed electricity to a facility when power plants charge the most, with the batteries recharging overnight when prices are lowest to repeat the cycle the following day.

NYPA testing new ‘safer’ lithium-ion supercell technology at HQ

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The battery was developed by Connecticut-based Cadenza Innovation, using technology from the company’s UL-listed supercell battery architecture. Cadenza says its technology substantially reduces the risk of propagation of thermal runaway while packaging components to lower costs and increase safety, resulting in a design that improves energy density and advances the Li-ion battery industry.

NYPA hosts innovative storage project that uses lithium-ion battery technology

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New York State on Dec. 2 announced the unveiling of a new energy storage project that uses an innovation in lithium-ion battery technology. The project will be located at the New York Power Authority (NYPA) headquarters in White Plains, N.Y., and funded in part by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

LG Chem Recalls Certain Home Batteries Over Fire Concerns


Many technologists believe that more could be done to improve battery safety ahead of the expected influx of electric cars and grid storage devices. Startup Cadenza Innovation recently installed a new lithium-ion supercell technology in New York that is designed to thwart fires in the event of cell failure.

Supercell Technology From Cadenza Is Centerpiece Of New York Energy Storage Project — CleanTechnica Exclusive (Video)


A new energy storage project will offer New York State rapid response in discharging power to the electric grid. Cadenza Innovation’s lithium-ion supercell technology is centerpiece to a fully integrated, metal-enclosed, and rack-mounted 250 kilowatt-hour (kWh), 50 kilowatt (kW) battery storage unit located outside the New York Power Authority (NYPA) in White Plains.

Cadenza Innovation Tests Its Fireproof Battery at NYPA Headquarters


The New York Power Authority, the country’s largest state-owned electric utility, just installed an unusual battery at its headquarters. The 50-kilowatt/250-kilowatt-hour battery isn’t remarkable for its size, but rather for its promise of a design that can eliminate fire risk.

Startup Cadenza Innovation has worked since 2012 to create a battery in which a malfunction leads to “a service event instead of a catastrophe,” in the words of founder and CEO Christina Lampe-Onnerud. That task took on new urgency when a grid battery in Arizona exploded in 2019, seriously injuring four firefighters.

New York Power Authority kicks off pilot to trial safe lithium-ion ‘Supercell’

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The New York Power Authority (NYPA) has started up a demonstration project aimed at addressing safety concerns tied to the deployment of lithium-ion battery storage in urban areas and office blocks.

A 50kW / 250kWh battery storage system has been installed outside NYPA’s White Plains offices, using ’Supercell’ lithium-ion battery technology developed by Cadenza Innovation. The Supercell architecture is designed to solve the issue of thermal runaway that can cause fires when individual cells suffer failures including short circuits.

Wilton-Based Energy Company Plays Key Role in NY State Power Saving Project

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Battery technology developed by Wilton-based Cadenza Innovation is the basis for a novel energy storage project being demonstrated by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) – the largest state public power organization in the U.S. – at its White Plains headquarters. NYPA announced on Wednesday, Dec. 2, that the project has gone live.

Cadenza: novel battery project at NYPA to demonstrate energy storage’s role in advancing NY State’s clean energy goals

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Located at the New York Power Authority (NYPA) in White Plains and funded in part by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the battery technology was developed by Cadenza Innovation Inc., Wilton, Connecticut, United States, to showcase energy storage’s role in enhancing demand management and grid flexibility and will help advance New York State’s nation-leading climate and clean energy goals.