Cadenza Innovation Battery Design Certified By UN, UL, and IEEE Standards

How Battery Technology Will Drive the Future of Clean Energy

The Mobile Century

As the world considers how to transition to a low carbon energy future, battery technology is increasingly in the spotlight as holding the key to the future of energy production and storage. Industry research firm BloombergNEF forecasts that by 2030 the battery market will be worth $116 billion annually, and that doesn’t include investment in the supply chain. Despite this promise, there remain a number of technical, social and environmental issues which need to be addressed to ensure this full potential is achieved.


Connecticut Innovations

As the demand for electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and grid energy storage systems continues to grow, so does the demand for safer, cheaper, high-performing lithium-ion batteries, which power most of these devices. The problem? Lithium-ion batteries are expensive to produce, have a history of exploding—one merely has to Google “Samsung phones exploding on planes” for more on that front—and have less capacity to store energy than do fossil fuels. Dr. Christina Lampe-Önnerud, CEO and founder of Cadenza Innovation, is solving these challenges and more. Her company, in which CI is an investor, has patented a battery architecture that is safer than existing designs, creates greater energy output, and is cheaper to produce. CI caught up with Christina recently to learn more about her company and her experience running a global business right here in Connecticut.

Lampe-Önnerud on the board of lithium producers

Elektronik Tidningen

The Chairman of the Board describes Christina Lampe-Önnerud as a “respected business leader and researcher in energy storage, with deep expertise in the development of lithium batteries for electric vehicles, energy storage in electricity grids, portable electronics and industrial applications”.

Behold the era of the ‘super battery’

Asia Times

China’s BAK and US new energy firm Cadenza to construct a battery production line in the Shenzhen industrial park.

Christina Lampe-Onnerud at World Ecomomic Forum Global Future Council In Dubai – Moving from Thought Leadership to System Leadership

World Economic Forum

Christina Lampe-Onnerud at World Ecomomic Forum Global Future Council In Dubai

World Economic Forum

Chrsitina Lampe-Onnerud Featured in CERC “Choose Connecticut” Promotional Video


Cadenza Innovation CEO Christina Lampe-Onnerud is featured in the Connecticut Economic Resource Center’s new Choose Connecticut promotional video, highlighting the state’s great environment for technology entrepreneurs.

Profiles in Connecticut innovation: High-energy Cadenza makes power storage more efficient

Hartford Current Magazine

As befits the head of a company advancing ion-lithium battery technology, Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud, founder and CEO of Cadenza Innovation, exudes positive energy. She terms the seven-year startup, whose “Collaboration Center” is in Bethel, as a “think tank-like company with an execution track record” .

Calgary’s Energy Disruptors conference imagines future for an industry at a crossroads

Globe & Mail Inc.

The second annual Energy Disruptors conference is being staged in a province that has for years struggled with an economic downturn – and where new pipelines and expanded oil and gas infrastructure are widely viewed as the solutions. It is also taking place against the backdrop of a federal election campaign in which both climate change and the expansion of Alberta’s oil sands are significant issues.

Lady Business: Scandinavian gender utopias and International Women’s Day lip-service

Lady Business

That’s from my second feature in the March/April issue of Inc., a profile of Christina Lampe-Onnerud, a Swedish scientist and American serial entrepreneur who’s spent decades trying to build better batteries for the computers and cars and residential grids that we all depend on: