Competitive Benchmarking of Lithium-ion Batteries – Internship

In this project, the intern will get an opportunity to learn about lithium-ion batteries, with emphasis on construction, and will support Cadenza’s product design efforts, by helping identify benefits and disadvantages in current “state-of-the-art” lithium-ion batteries. The project will focus on collecting, analyzing, and reporting data about typical commercial batteries, providing competitive insights and furthering definition of evolving market requirements. Additionally, the project will provide the intern with an opportunity to learn high value laboratory skills and equipment usage associated with the lithium-ion battery industry.

Key tasks will include (1) development of a tear-down investigation plan for a target battery product, (2) performance characterization through select, high-level testing and product specification review, (3) in-depth construction analysis through execution of the tear-down investigation, and (4) reporting of the project results.

Skills Required: 

  • Currently enrolled in a Connecticut school and/or has a Connecticut address
  • Graduate or undergraduate with at least 2-years of study completed in a science or engineering field
  • Completion of multiple laboratory courses – preference for candidates who have completed at least 1 chemistry lab course
  • Ability to clearly and accurately document work and summarize findings into a report
  • Ability to work well with others in a collaborative working environment

Three (3) measures of internship success related to the project:

  • Tear-down analysis plan – Intern will plan and document project work, reviewing plan with Cadenza staff.
  • Benchmark report – Intern will document result of project work with clear and detailed description of measured and observed results. Some comparison to industry standards and similar products may be conducted through collaboration with the Cadenza team.
  • Presentation of project results to Cadenza team – Intern will create a presentation summary of project work and present before Cadenza team.

Interns should be comfortable working in a laboratory environment, including work with chemicals, mechanical, and electrical tools and testing equipment, and following laboratory safety requirements.  Cadenza will provide supervision and training for all work assigned.